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January 31, 2010
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Warning: This chapter contains the spanking of a teen. If you don't like, I advise you to turn away now, and not read this. Now, for all of you that have no problems with such things, enjoy.
                        ~ Kerushii-danna ;]

Chapter 11: In times of Comfort, Hate, and Sorrow…

Arisu gasped suddenly, as he father crooked a finger at her. "H-Huh..?" she watched him stand up, and then gently grab a hold of her wrist. "D-Dad, let go!" she protested, stomping her feet into the ground, and pulling back, whining at him to let her free.

"Now, Arisu." He replied in a monotone; it's too bad, anticipation was the worst part of it all, and she hadn't been home to see anything of the sorts that had gone on with Naoki.

"N-no! I understand, I screwed up!" she whimpered. "Daddy, please, I understand!" As she begged of him, the Uchiha father let out a low sigh and sat back in the desk chair, toppling Arisu over one knee, and securing her by placing a hand on her back. It could've been a lot worse, so far, he'd kept his temper in check, and hadn't really lost his nerve….yet.

By this time the teenager was embarrassed beyond all belief, and not to mention, confused. "Y-You're not going to-you can't..!! Daad!!!" she begged him.

"That's right." Sasuke replied simply, taking down her tights, and flipping up the back of her skirt, to reveal her panties. "You're getting a spanking."

Panicking, Arisu struggled best she could, and tried to break free-that's when Sasuke simply proceeded in spanking her, raising his hand up just below the shoulder, and give her a quick, painful swat just below her under curve.

"A-Ah!"she yelped out and continued with her kicking; she was going to fight it, no matter how hard it was! "Y-You can't do this, I'-I'm-ow! F-fit-Ah! N-no, no, ow!! Stop!" she yelled at him, gritting her teeth angrily. "You're not the boss of me! Yo-nng---stop smacking my fuc-aaah! FUCK!!!" she screamed, and that's when Sasuke paused all of the sudden.

"So you're deciding to be smart with me after pulling the stunt you did?" Sasuke asked, glancing up to her. "Alright then; I thought you were better than that, Arisu." Sasuke gripped her panties, and pulled them down in one swipe, raising his hand up higher, and then beginning to pepper her rear with more stinging swats.

Arisu bit down on her lip, feeling her father's grip tighten on her, when suddenly, she felt the coolness on her backside, and glanced back, eyes going wide with humiliation. Throwing her hand back, she yelped. "Daddy!!" she cried, and Sasuke grabbed her arm, and twisted it behind her back. Now the attempt to escape was completely futile.

"Cussing as if you were a teenager, when you're truly acting like a childish kid who got her candy taken from her. 'Daddy won't work on me anymore. You're fifteen, Arisu." Sasuke replied simply, holding his daughter in place as he re-positioned her tush, higher this time, before he rained down the swats with his hand.

By this time, Arisu was gritting her teeth, almost whining and squirming all about.

All the while, the sounds coming from the Uchiha father's room echoed through the thin walls of the compound, into the living room where Kimiko and Naoki listening intently, Naoki nearly grinning to himself, while Kimiko blinked, turning herself on the couch to look down the hall.

"Naoki, what's going on down there?" She asked, brows furrowing with confusion and frustration.

Naoki shrugged, eyes flickering back to the television. "Arisu's getting a taste of her own medicine, and it doesn't seem like she much cares for it." He couldn't help but grin to himself darkly.

"I didn't want a complicated explain…er….nation! Explanation! All I wanted was an answer." She pouted. "Can we go look?"she asked sweetly.

"If you want to get caught; I don't think Dad's in the best of moods right now. I'd back off, Kimiko." He warned, and she crossed her arms stubbornly. "Fine, you big meanie."

"Oh, shut up." Naoki rubbed his temples, and pinched in between his nose. 'Any time, Dad…she could use some too...' he groaned to himself.

By this time, Arisu was crying, face red from tears as Sasuke simply kept up on spanking her red, tinted rear, Arisu squirming and trying to free herself.

"Do you understand why it is highly important to listen to your father, Arisu?" Sasuke punctuated his swats, making sure to give those tender regions a good working over. "Why you should abide by the rules…and above all…" He continued to spank on. "..why you should never hide anything from him?" He listened intently as his daughter cried out, weakly.

"I promise-!" She sobbed. "It won't happen again, it won't!!" she cried, pained sobs echoing from the room, throughout the entire hearing range of the house hold. "I'm s-sorry, D-Dad!!" she choked out, completely flustered, and not to mention, humiliated in such a degrading manner.

"Good." He replied, and laying a large hand on the hilt of her back, rubbing there for a while. Hefting her up, he grabbed her shoulders. "You're far from done, young lady." He looked at her pitiful teary face, frowning inwardly. Rubbing her shoulders, he sighed, and then looked to her sternly. "I'm giving you a choice." He began. "That is, you can take 10 with my brush, or twenty with my hand back over my knee."

Arisu felt herself choke on a sob. "..I-Isn't there…?" she began.

Sasuke shook his head. "No, no other options."

Arisu rubbed her eyes, sniffling and looking away. Of course, both would hurt; they were supposed to. After a moment of deciding, and calming herself, she replied weakly. "…the bru-sh.." she stuttered, biting her lip, as Sasuke stood, and went to go retrieve it, resuming his position on the bed soon after. He crooked a finger to her, and she whimpered as he took a hold of her hand as she looked away, chewing on her lip. He brought her forward, and tucked her underneath his arm, to prevent her from squirming.

She grabbed the sheets on the bed, and looked back fearfully when all the sudden, Sasuke whacked the brush down, one swat to each cheek, Arisu yelping out in pain instantly.

Two more consecrated whacks fell, and the Uchiha daughter began to cry, sobs filling the open room once more.

There came five, and there went six, Arisu grasping the sheets, wailing into the futon as two more swats yet fell across her rear, truly sending them glowing.

Finally, with two more sounding spanks, Sasuke set the brush down on the table, and laid a hand on Arisu's back, rubbing there as her figure shook painfully with sobs. Her head was buried into the futon, hands clasped to the sheets, muffled, pained cries escaping from her lips.

The Uchiha father frowned, looking down at the pathetic figure, before slowly releasing her from his grasp. Lightly, he slid her into his lap, comfortably, as pressed her head to his chest, letting her cry as much as was so needed. He cooed soothing words to her, and began to rub her back once more, in an attempt to calm his middle child. "That's it.." he petted her head, drawing out slow circles on her back. "You're forgiven now; don't cry, Daddy's here." He cooed in her ear, rocking her gently.
Chapter 11: Arisu gets that long, well deserved spanknig everyone's been waiting for...and it's not painless in the slightest...poor dear.

XD Sorry for the wait, guys. I've had a lot on my plate lately, and haven't been the best, but here I bring you another chapter! I'll try to get some more posted tonight. Enjoy! ;]

Comments and feedback are welcome!

:salute: Kerushii-danna
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